In the 1980’s the American music scene experienced what was called,
by some, the “Second British Invasion”. The first, of course, being that
of The Beetles in the 1960’s. This new wave of rhythmic pop ushered in
cutting edge sounds by groups like The Police and UB40. By the end of
the decade George Michael would bring the pop throne to the other side of the Atlantic.Today there is a new English face ready to claim the prize of pop
music celebrity. Singer/songwriter Nick Audain, who hails from the
streets of London, is ready and able to top the global charts with his
sexually-charged, high energy brand of dance music. Uptempo tracks
like “Sex-Toy (Hot Sex is a Must)” and “THUG IT OUT ” give Nick Audain’s
listeners infectious dance tracks for the club scene while steamier songs
like “Friends With Benefits”(Take it Off) and “Strip Tease” seductively
summon his listeners in to far more private regions of his world.Nick Audain’s self-authored songs are brilliantly produced by
long-time collaborator Will Taylor who has recorded for icons like Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas Rihanna & Kylie Minogue  as well as Hip Hop staples Jadakis. The duo provide a platform for Nick Audain’s energetic music videos and live performances which
continue to thrill his loyal fans and attract new ones.